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Mass Stack

A four week bulk Sarm stack for your lab rat.

RAD-140 (Testolone) Sarm

Rad-140 is the strongest SARM out in the market and this compound is the closest one to displaying effects of testosterone therapy aka hormone replacement therapy. You can expect a drastic change in your body, you’ll gain a lot of lean or dry mass while burning away the unnecessary fat from your body. NO other SARM is comparable to Testolone’s strength. 

YK-11 Sarm

YK-11 is a sarm that many athletes look into taking, this is because it’s a highly effective sarm to build muscle tissue. Gaining muscle mass will become much easier, and you’ll gain the muscle faster. Not only will you gain size every week, but your strength will increase rapidly.

LGD-4033 (Ligandrol) Sarm

One of the main benefits of Ligandrol is lean muscle mass. Ligandrol works to burn off the body fat and give you sharper and shredded muscles. You will notice an increase in energy and strength to workout more effectively. LGD-4033 will speed up your recovery time so you can count on having more brutal workouts through out the week with minor risk of injury. 



***This is a research chemical and not made for human consumption***